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About Us


Born from the desire to find you the best sports and exercise recovery and training technology to enhance your everyday physical training goals. Tarsiers brings you the cutting edge technology in sports and exercise equipment with intuitive design and superior quality straight to your hands.

We do the hard work in research and development to deliver the products that will take your fitness to the next level. The Tarsiers Pro Gun was created to help you do what you do best and smash your fitness goals.



Our Mission...


"Reinventing Massage Therapy"
Our goal is to provide you with a convenient tool you can use to maximize your performance and shatter your fitness milestones at a reasonable price- but above all else - to deliver outstanding customer service.




Who We Are...


Always striving to be the best and constantly demanding more from our bodies to hit those fitness goals. We've seen our fair share of tools that athletes and gym goers use to help with their recovery. Like you, We want to get the most from our workouts and we know we've got to look after our bodies so it's always in top condition for the next workout. We are athletes and need the best when it comes to recovery. The Tarsiers Pro Gun will change your recovery ritual forever. This handheld percussion device truly is shaking up the fitness and muscle recovery space with a revolutionary perspective on a electric handheld muscle massager.